Common fault repair methods for floor drain

Blockage of floor drains often occurs, such as clogging of some hairs, fibers in the sewage discharged from washing machines, grease and dust accumulated in toiletries, etc., resulting in poor drainage, reverberation, and water seepage problems in the floor drain. In daily life, the floor drain of the sewer pipe at home often encounters various debris blockages, so how to prevent, clean and repair the floor drain?

1, the floor drain is not smooth and blocked, and the maintenance method 1. The floor drain is not smooth, and the overflow is clear.
The floor drain is not smooth and overflowing: the overflow of the floor drain is because the cross section of the water is not smooth enough, so that the sewage cannot pass through quickly. It may be because the internal structure of the floor drain is rough and the hair is hung up. The solution is to use tools to clean up the debris inside the floor drain. Be careful not to frequently open the sieve cover of the floor drain to drain water, and do not put food residues directly into the floor drain.

2. Round wood dredge floor drain pipe method
First insert a log with a diameter close to the drain into the water pipe, and put a certain amount of water in the pool, and move the log up and down quickly without interruption. Under the action of suction and pressure, the dirt in the pipe will be removed. Was washed away. If you really cannot solve the problem by yourself, you have to ask the property management company to handle it.

3. Soda and vinegar dredging method
Pour half a cup of cooked baking soda into the sewer first, and then pour half a cup of vinegar. After the soda reacts with the acid in the vinegar, the oily substances adhering to the pipe can be removed.

Second, the floor drain to prevent clogging and anti-odor maintenance methods

1. Prevention: If you have unused stockings (the thinner the better, the thicker it will affect the water), cut a small piece, pull it out as much as possible, and fix it on the floor drain. In this way, the hair is gathered on the stockings. Throw away the stockings together with the hair when cleaning, so that the hair will not leak into the floor.

2. Smell of floor drain appears: Floor drain is an important interface connecting the drainage pipe system and the indoor ground. As an important part of the drainage system in a house, its performance directly affects the quality of indoor air and is very important for the control of odor in the bathroom. . The odor of the floor drain may be due to the insufficient height of the water seal of the floor drain, and the water in the trap dries up quickly, causing the odor in the drain pipe to overflow. At this time, you can add a rebate to the floor drain, or replace it with a floor drain of the same specification. If no one is at home for a long time, it is best to seal the floor drain with a lid.

3. The occurrence of floor leakage: there is generally only one possibility for floor leakage, mainly because the joint between the downpipe that passes through the floor and the floor is not properly waterproofed. Floor drains generally do not cause problems. If there is water seepage in the floor drain, you can open the floor tiles around the floor drain, dig out the cement at the place to a depth of 3cm, and then seal it with a “plugging agent”. The closed water test can be performed after one to two hours. If there is no water seepage, the problem is indicated solved.

Post time: Apr-13-2021