Floor drain offensive hazards and conventional treatment methods!

The hazards of floor drain anti-odor:

1. Environmental pollution
(1) The depth of the water seal is not good, mostly as long as 10-20mm, which is very easy to dry up, causing the odor in the drainage pipe to return to the room. Even if the water seal is deepened to 50mm or more, it will only be delayed for a few days to prevent the odor. Instead, the water flow channel will become more slender and curved, and the dirt attached area will increase. The more serious the dirt deposits, the easier it is to block, and this small size Sinkholes will also become a breeding ground for bacteria and pests;
(2) In summer or windy weather, the air pressure changes constantly. The positive pressure in the pipe will cause the bowl to float up, and the odor will overflow from the water; and the negative pressure in the pipe will damage the water seal. If the barrier is lost, the odor will overflow into the room;

2. The spread of germs
The sewer pipe is dim and moist, and the waste water contains many small solid impurities (such as sand, hair, cloth strips, paper scraps, peeling biological mucous membrane, etc.), which will adhere and deposit in the “U” trap, which will accumulate over time. , These residues become a hotbed of germs and pests, and the water-sealed floor drain cannot stop the beetles, black-winged insects and most of the germs that breed in the sewer pipes, severely polluting the indoor environment and harming the health of family members.

What to do if the bathroom floor drain is offensive

1. Replace the floor drain
Although self-sealed floor drains are the inevitable development trend of floor drains in the future, as far as the actual situation is concerned, their deodorizing effect is not as stable as water-sealed floor drains, so water-sealed floor drains are still selected as far as possible.

2. Adhere to the timely replacement of the water in the floor drain
Fill the floor drain in time to keep the water seal in the floor drain and replace it often.

3. Cover the floor drain
You can use a wet towel or plastic bag to cover the floor drain to prevent the odor and germs of the floor drain from spreading indoors. Maybe you can find a better quality plastic bag, fill it with water, fasten it tightly, and place it on the floor drain. Remove it when you use it. You don’t need to plug it again. Buy a rubber plug and plug it when not in use.

4. Frequently deal with floor drain and use deodorant
Frequently dispose of the floor drain. In addition, putting some tea bags, incense and bamboo charcoal in the bathroom can also effectively remove peculiar smells.

Post time: Apr-13-2021